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Who is Rabita?
Rabita provides training solutions for businesses through multi-platform technology systems.
Helping employees to learn anytime, anywhere; at the same time managers could monitor and manage quality easily with standard training process.

Optimize costs

With online training platform, it helps businesses to reduce training costs compared to traditional methods.

And easily expand with the development of the business.

Improve the quality of training

Use the transmission of knowledge through interactive videos, helping learners to absorb information more quickly, and make it become more interesting. Moreover, with strict rules and fair review process, helping to improve the quality of training.

Simple, easy to use

With a minimalist and personalized design, it helps learners to easily understand and use the software. In addition, with the feature of reminding the learning progress, it helps learners to not forget their lessons.

Easy to deploy and adjust

With the management of customized learning and certification, it is easy for top managers to build a learning system for businesses and operate at an optimal cost.

With the main web-based platform, users can use the system with any device with an internet connection, to ensure that information can always be updated and studied.
Providing a more enjoyable and convenient learning experience, learners can download learning applications for thier phones (Android and iOS)


All businesses are experiencing training problems such as:

Training new employees

Training on coporate's working culture, procedures and regulations; to help new employees quickly catch up with the company's operations.

Training to improve staff's qualifications

Training employees to create internal strength, to increase competitiveness and sustainable development.

Training staffs in different branches and locations

Training quickly with consistent contents and quality, saving organization and operation costs.

Change new processes / policies, products / services

Rapid deployment of training for new changes and services to bring the fastest understanding.


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We will work with you to understand your enterprise's problem in order to provide a total solution.



With our experiences and available systems, after finding out and agreeing on the solution, we will proceed to deploy the system for your business.

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Training advices

With experts in the field of training, we are ready to assist you to create the most optimal solution for training in your business.

Internal training system

We provide your business with a total system for training

Digitize training content

We can work with you to build / transform training content for your business.

System customization

We are ready to customize the system to suit your business.

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